Mortal Coil

(IBM PC) ( Virgin/Vic Tokai )

1st and 3rd-person perspective real-time strategy/spec-ops game, including:-

  • shoot-em-up action within a free-roaming environment
  • Multiple-characters
  • Ability to set waypoints for characters when not under player control, allowing campaign planning
  • Thrilling plot with twist in the tale ending -- multiple outcomes plus bonus level
  • Each character has extensive range of speech
  • Advanced artificial intelligence for player characters and enemies

My involvement included originating the concept with Tony Jackson, Creative Director at Crush!. Based on Tony's concept "Candy", I wrote the storyline for the game, scripted the six voice parts, negotiated with voice-agents for the vocal talent , and gave voice direction during voice-over recording (including Dani Behr, Brian Bowles, Fiona Allen and Ed Bishop). I also negotiated the funding for the game development, in collaboration with Crush's agent, Jacqui Lyons

I produced the game during development, co-ordinating project scheduling, technical and graphical issues

Mortal Coil received a lot of media coverage including on the television show "Live & Kicking" – the segment called ‘Electric Circus’, that featured our game as one of a new breed of innovative game. It scored 90%.

The game was also featured on the television show "Bad Influence" – it highlighted the game’s innovative features, including multiple characters, waypoint settings and replaceable sounds. In the right-hand panel the pop group China Black are shown using this feature on the TV show. The game scored 93%