Whether you’re a small start-up, medium-sized studio or large publisher, sometimes you need an independent opinion or advice from outside. Let a highly experienced videogame development expert help you with your game business, at a fraction of the cost of hiring me full-time. Just pay for what you use and is valuable to you!

- Need help with a pitch for investors or a presentation?

- Want independent assessment of a project milestone or production plan?

- Need help fixing a dysfunctional team or late project?

- Want feedback on game design or how your freemium compulsion loop will (or won't) make money?

- Need someone to find a dev team and oversee your project from start to finish?

- Want help building a business plan or scaling to the next level?

- Maybe you just need someone to call and get advice from?

We’ve done all of the above and so much more for our clients because we have the experience to do so. All confidential.

Whatever you need, consult the Guvner, let me help!

The rest of this site details my career, projects I have worked on, random thoughts, blogs and advice for people looking to get into games, managers, game production skills and more as I get time!

I look forward to hearing from you!  Email.

                                       - Jon Dean