Kodiak 1999 - 2002

  •  VP Product Development then President

My family and I relocated to the USA for this opportunity in 1999.  Kodiak was a leading edge game console development company, specializing in advanced animation, technology, design and audio for XBox, PS2 and other platforms.  It was formed from the ashes of Sculptured Software, and was owned by George Metos.  I was recruited to join the studio as it was in the process of bring acquired by Electronic Arts, and EA had required that a seasoned development executive be recruited as part of the acquisition.

Kodiak was a largely self-funded development operation.  The EA acquisition didn't materialize, and during 2001 Kodiak's woes increased when another publisher it was working with got taken over and cancelled a project.  Kodiak was unable to secure new project work within a timeframe that was required for cash flow.  In December 2001 the owners chose to wind-down development operations, which was a huge blow to the studio.  I oversaw the wind-down operation into 2002 including negotiating deals with our remaining publishers so their titles could be completed despite the studio closure, and give the otherwise out-of-work employees some income.

This page and the project info below is incomplete - I will be adding more details over time. Pls ping me if you have any questions in the meantime!