Electronic Arts 2004 - 2013

  • Executive Producer, EA SPORTS
  • Studio Head, EA Salt Lake/Hasbro Business Unit
  • General Manager EA Salt Lake, EA North Carolina
  • Vice President, EA Mobile/All Play label

Electronic Arts is the most successful and consistent publisher of interactive software on the planet. Established in the early 1980s, it now boasts development studios, publishing and distribution operations around the World.  

I began my time with EA in 2004, working at Tiburon in Florida, a major development studio within EA SPORTS.  After a few years there, I moved to Utah to oversee a recently acquired studio in Salt Lake City to help with EA's move into casual gaming and the company's partnership with Hasbro Inc.

Some of the projects I was responsible for at Tiburon

Tiburon was acquired by Electronic Arts in the 1990s and has been responsible for one of EA's  most successful franchises - NFL Madden,  which continues to be a best selling title in North America each year.  Tiburon is at the heart of EA SPORTS, one of the best known brands of interactive software.  

At Tiburon I was Executive Producer of a couple of internal franchises - NASCAR and TIGER WOODS PGA TOUR - as well as responsible for all of the non-mainline skus of Tiburon's other franchises (eg handheld versions of Madden) and projects built with 3rd party developers.  I also started a program of innovation and education called Design Forums.

In 2008 I transferred to EA Salt Lake (EASL) and became studio head; EASL had a mission to focus on casual games as part of EA's strategic relationship with Hasbro.  Changes within EA saw the Hasbro Business Unit - of which EASL was part - move around other labels over time, and eventually EASL expanded to also build non-Hasbro titles including some Sims franchise products.  Eventually the studio split leaving a dedicated group as part of the Sims label, and I took the other part into the company's mobile division, where we would work on Facebook as well as 'freemium' titles for the company.  My role expanded as General Manager to include a studio in Raleigh, North Carolina, and as a Vice President within the mobile division, now rebranded All Play.

Below are my recollections of the EA projects I was responsible for as well as some anecdotes about the studios and teams I worked with.  This page is not complete, and I will update with more anecdotes, pictures etc over time.