Ms Pac Man

(BBC Micro) ( Atarisoft )

Atari's IP was getting ripped-off... er... creating some inspired look-alike games in the early 80s, and Atari's answer was to create versions of their killer IP for other systems.  The job of this fell to Atarisoft London for UK systems such as the BBC Micro, Acorn, Amstrad, Sinclair and others I no longer recall. 

John Norledge was producer of all of these, assisted by Steve ? (sorry can't recall last name, I think it may have been White) who provided technical engineering support.  As ever I was the Assistant Producer, which typically meant admin in those days, keeping the lab organized plus playing the builds.

We would videotape the coin-op (which we had in the lab), and work with 3rd party developers who would replicate what we saw on screen.  In some cases we could get real assets to work from, but mostly it was copying as best we could. 

Ms Pac Man was one of several games we created for the BBC Micro, as well as the ZX Spectrum.