Crystal Castles

(BBC Micro) ( Atarisoft )

Another of the Atarisoft conversions for local systems. I believe the developer was Peter Johnson, producer Jon Norledge with me helping out!

Found these screeshots on

Jon Dean makes the news as the voice of heavy-handed corporation!

I don't recall if this ever got released by Atarisoft due to the collapse of the parent company and the sale to the Tramiels, but it must have been close as I have a copy of some press at the time when Atari went after clone versions, and for some reason I don't recall, I became the spokesperson for all this!

On there is an interview with the author of Castle of Gems, Paul Shave, with the other side of this story!  Back in those heady days, it was the norm in Europe to clone coin-op games that you liked.  People really didn't think much about infringement as the laws on games hadn't been tested!