Meet the Team!

XacFAQ during the first year was essentially Farrell and I doing everything.  We hired contractors as needed, and cajoled friends and family members into helping us whenever we could.  This gave the XacUSA and XacUK games a pretty impressive credits list, which we updated over time, but below is how it looked in the fall of 2014:

An XacFAQ Production
Created by Jon Dean and Farrell Edwards
(aided by copious amounts of Diet Mountain Dew, Tetley tea and Twix)
Art Direction: Brad Butler
Soundtrack by Racecar Racecar - follow them at
Customer Support: Sean Dean
Player Panel: Sinead Dean, Laurel Edwards, Bob, Dan Matkowsky, Scott Stutsman, Mick Simmons
Additional production and marketing support: Charles Busch, Mallory Day
Additional Questions by Richard Reagan, Hayley Reagan, Dennis Miller, Kim Gardner
Additional artwork by Kelsy Rice, Jon Powell and Jodi Hansen
Business Development: Stas Mintowt-Czyz
Additional testing by Cornell Francis, Sam Curnow, Gibbs Rainock, Anthony Cummings, Brandon Welch, Jeff Peters, Spyder O'Neil, Matt Copeland, Ross Przybylski, Casey Spencer, Joe Dean, Timber and Matt Barker
Special thanks to:
All family & friends for their patience & support especially
Laurel, Spencer, Melissa, Dallen & Sarah "Bob" Jane;
Elaine, Sean, Joe & Sinead, The Real Sophie Dog (head of security), assorted cats;
Verlin & Dot, The 4 Hims;
All our friends at EA;
John and David at Film Utah and DMAU;
John at InciteTax;
Valdemar Bucilko at Unity