Bonjour!  UDEN is taking a booth at Game Connection Europe in Paris to promote the creators of entertainment content and technology here in Utah! GCE is a trade-only event and it's all about networking and deal making.  Attendees are looking for service providers and content creators -- in addition to game developers they're looking for AR, VR, VFX, storytellers, audio composers, post-production, designers and more!


UDEN will promote your business!

We'll go and share details about your company, your services and make connections on your behalf.  

What does it cost? NOTHING!

UPDATE!! Thanks to our generous sponsors, we can offer you a place in our directory listing for FREE! But space is limited so first-come first served. ACT QUICKLY! (If you would like to show your appreciation, you can always make a small donation to UDEN).


eBrochure Listing- $ FREE 

UDEN’s eBrochure - its a digital business card with a built-in flash drive and digital assets!!

Paper directories are so old fashioned!  We're going to hand out a flash-drive that will include a directory of participating UDEN members plus their digital content (artwork, links etc).  

To sign-up for the eBrochure - click here

If you prefer, you can choose to spend some $$ for increased exposure.  

+Featured - $200 UPDATE — SOLD OUT

Your logo on the wall of the UDEN booth for increased visibility (limited quantity)

+Showreel - $300

Your video showreel played in rotation on the UDEN monitor in the UDEN booth (limited quantity).

+Event Trailer - $400 UPDATE — SOLD OUT

Have your own dedicated trailer played in rotation on the showfloor - eg across the entire venue (separate from UDEN's!) (limited quantity)

Attendee - UPDATE — SOLD OUT

If you want to attend in person and be part of the UDEN delegation, you are most welcome.  You can use the UDEN booth as a base and for meetings.  We have a limited number of tickets for GCE2018 that we can give you for free - first come, first-served.  You'll need to arrange and pay for your own travel, accommodation and related expenses (we recently costed a trip from SLC, including flights and 3 nights hotel at around $1500 - ask us for details!). Oh! And don't forget that you need a valid passport!


Help us put digital entertainment in Utah on the map!  If any organizations would like to support our first trade mission and contribute toward the costs, we would love to hear from you!  Please email us info@utahden.org for details.   


  • October 24-26th, 2018

  • Parc des Expositions de la Porte de Versailles, 75015, Paris, France


To sign-up for the eBrochure - click here

For all other packages and options, we’re pretty much out of time now but please email us info@utahden.org for latest info.


Why this show?

  • We asked the UDEN community for trade mission suggestions back in January and we didn't get many responses. So we elected to pick GCE, a smaller, trade show focused on service industries and networking for our first one.

What do trade missions hope to achieve?

  • Put Utah digital entertainment on the map! Let the world (outside the state!) know that we have a vibrant community of creators of digital content and technology; and

  • Business development -- share details of the services offered by UDEN member companies and individuals

GCE is primarily a game event. Is there anything here for the film community?

  • Yes, we believe so. As a trade event, attendees are looking to find service companies. We know from last year's show that the services being sought included audio, VFX, VR/AR, back-end network and cloud technologies, storytellers, video production and more, in addition to game development services such as coding, artwork, design and project management. While we cannot guarantee this, it seems likely the same will be true in 2018.

Will there be more trade missions to other places?

  • We are always trying new ways to provide value to the UDEN community, this first trade mission is an experiment to see how useful it is in reality. If we get enough support and it has value to our members, then we would look at more trade missions in future.

What will be included in the eBrochure?

  • Essentially, it's a digital listing of the UDEN members who would like to get their businesses and services in front of potential buyers. We thinking that rather than a paper brochure, a thumb-drive containing digital content might be more useful for this purpose.

How big would my company logo be on the side of the UDEN booth?

  • If you choose upgrade to add the 'Featured' item in addition to the eBrochure listing, we would include your logo alongside other UDEN members and sponsors on the booth walls. We don't know dimensions yet, but we can show you examples from what we saw on other booths when we attended the show last year if you are interested. Just email us and ask info@utahden.org.

How prominent would my 'Showreel' be if I buy that upgrade?

  • We'll have a monitor on the table in the UDEN booth which will be used to demonstrate UDEN member services, during meetings, and otherwise will be running a loop of promotional showreels from participating UDEN members at all other times. So the loop will be seen by anyone walking by, and if anyone specifically inquires about your services, we would show your showreel and any other materials you have provided to us.

How is the 'Event Trailer' different that the 'Showreel'?

  • The organizers have monitors throughout the entire showfloor which run all hours that the GCE show is open. On these monitors they show a loop of video trailers by companies who pay extra for being featured on these monitors. So during the course of a day there is a good chance of your trailer being seen multiple times by attendees.

  • UDEN will have a generic trailer in the loop, but this offer is for your own dedicated trailer to be featured. We will help you with the ordering through the organizers. Note that the price may vary due to exchange rate fluctuations.

How big is the UDEN booth?

  • It's the smallest and cheapest they offer :-) 4 square kilometers.

Can my business exhibit at GCE separate from UDEN?

  • Yes! Of course, assuming they have availability left. Contact us and we will connect you to the organizers, or answer any questions you might have info@utahden.org

  • If we had enough companies interested in this, we could arrange a larger booth to accommodate everyone.

Who is sponsoring this trade mission?

  • We're looking for a few additional sponsors to help with the cost. Please contact us for details info@utahden.org

Are there sponsorship opportunities for the Game Connection event itself?

  • There are, subject to availability. UDEN doesn't arrange these but we could put you in contact with the organizers. info@utahden.org

Is there any information about the show attendees, buyers etc?

  • Yes, the organizers have a bunch. We have included a few items on this page, and below, but if you need more please let us know and we'll share what we have. info@utahden.org

I have a different question


IMPORTANT NOTES and conditions

While we have used all reasonable care to estimate the above costs, we reserve the right to change the final cost depending upon the level of participation should that be necessary, or due to fluctuations in exchange rates or even to cancel the trade mission described above.  Any participation by you is subject to the conditions set by the organizers of the Game Connection Europe 2018 event, including the requirement to abide by their security, code of conduct and other terms of entry in the event you travel to the event. We make this offer of participation in good faith but make no guarantees of any specific outcomes and cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by you, or for events outside our reasonable control, such as cancellation of the event, fluctuations in exchange rates, your being denied entry to the event or the EU, our inability to attend the event on your behalf if caused by illness, strike, civil action, trade wars etc. In the event you travel to the event, you are responsible for all of your costs including airfare, accommodation, meals and entertainment, health insurance etc.  All payments are non-refundable.