UDEN Industry Survey

We are seeking to gather data about the size and scope of the digital entertainment industry in Utah - and we would like your help!

Please complete this form if you work in, support or are otherwise affiliated with digital entertainment in Utah! e.g.

  • Game developers (programmers, artists, designers, producers, QA etc)
  • Digital film makers (vfx, editing, writers, producers etc)
  • Audio creators (composers, musicians etc)
  • Students or educators working in entertainment programs in schools, colleges or universities
  • Data scientists / analysts
  • Marketing 
  • Distribution
  • Product management
  • A company (game studio, film studio, university etc)
  • A group that meets regularly
  • A trade association
  • etc - we want to hear from everyone about everything that is going on!

If you are filling out the form about yourself, please enter your personal information, you do not need to include the name of the company you work for.  If you are completing the form for a company, group or association, enter the information for them (as opposed to yourself individually - eg their website, as opposed to your personal one), but do still include your name.

Thank you!

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Privacy policy: UDEN will use the information you supply in aggregate for the purposes of industry analysis. We will also add you to our mailing list for purposes of keeping you up to date on survey results and UDEN notices unless you opt out. We will not share your individual data with any third-party.