Experienced executive available to help you on consulting basis. Objective, confidential. A few hours or entire project.

GM-level strategist, team-level hands-on troubleshooter, results oriented.  I'm an expert in product development, the videogames industry, app creation, business strategy and development, software production and process, gamification, technology, product design and more!

I have helped startups and big corporations including videogame publishers, game development studios, beverage brands, insurance companies, app developers, VR/AR device manufacturers, toy companies, vfx/animation studios etc.  I only work with a few clients at a time so please contact me for my availability!

Assignments undertaken for clients have included:

  • One-off consulting assignments such as:
    • Assisting with complex projects as an objective troubleshooter & problem solver to help get back on track;
    • Finding and evaluating developers
    • Objective review of an app or game project at a critical stage, providing a written assessment and recommendations;
    • Mediation in cases of dispute between developers and publishers; goal - get the project back on track! 
    • Helping devise a strategy to market;
    • Training teams on effective software development process including soft-skills needed for management of creative and technical personnel;
    • Ideation to help brands develop innovative apps, digital applications and game opportunities;
  • Longer term assignments including:
    • Representing clients as Executive Producer of their project with a 3rd party developer, publisher, licensee or licensor;   
    • managing a games product with a 3rd-party; finding suitable developers;
    • Helping startups with advice and hands-on assistance as needed;
    • Setting up live operations for apps including data-driven pipelines, customer service etc;
    • Business development and franchise planning;
  • ...and more! If I can't help, I can usually recommend someone that can!

Check out the rest of this site and my LinkedIn profile for more details about my experience! The only things you won't find here are current projects and work covered by client NDA.