(Nintendo SNES/SFX) (Nintendo)

The first real 3D game on home consoles, StarFox was a massive success for Nintendo, becoming the best-selling 3-D flight game in history, and Nintendo’s third-best selling game ever (as of 1993). The game's 3D technology and programming was provided by Argonaut, as was the revolutionary 3D chip built into the game cartridge, known as the Super FX chip.

According to Argonaut's website the game sold more than 4 million units.

My involvement included liaison with Nintendo and Argonaut's staff in Japan, maintaining project scheduling, and assisting in the product QA. If you complete the game successfully, you’ll see my name in the credits!

King Arthur's World

(Nintendo SNES) (Jaleco)

A fantasy game of strategy and action; assemble an army of knights, foot soldiers and medieval weaponry. Then deploy them on missions with the intent of conquering all the known lands. An original Argonaut design that I contributed to, started and completed during my tenure, a top-ten commercial success for the publisher, Jaleco

This was the first videogame to ever feature Dolby surround sound.

Birds of Prey

(IBM-PC, Commodore Amiga) (Electronic Arts)

A state-of-the-art flight simulator, providing accurate simulation of more than 40 different fighter aircraft. The project was some five years late when I became involved (at Argonaut)! Getting it shipped was a huge priority not only for Argonaut, but for their publisher, the American company Electronic Arts. Not only was I able to code release the troubled lead Amiga sku, but bring out a PC version (by subcontracting the work to Chris Sawyer, now a best selling programmer in his own right, with the "Railroad Tycoon" series). The project was a huge commercial success attaining number one sales positions in Europe and North America