2012 - March

It seemed as if we waited forever for Winter to come along - we had some snow, the occasional dump of the fluffy white stuff from above, but nothing with the persistency of the last few years; snow would fall, melt then come again a few days later.  March started off as if Winter had finally woken up -- huge dumps of snow for the first few days - enough that I could finally use the snow plow!  Yay!  It has been used so little this Winter that I had to jump start the darn thing when I finally needed it in anger! 

Of course March starts the birthday season in the Dean household - Joe and Sinead turned 20 this month.  They have grown into such wonderful young adults, we couldn't be more proud.  We did the birthday morning by Skype, like we did last year, as Joe was up at USU in Logan. He drove home later on his birthday and we did his present opening then.  

A week later and Sean turned 24; really pleased that he has a new job doing tech support for Magic The Gathering, a card game and online game that he is quite the expert at.  It has given him a real sense of purpose, which is great to see.

Elaine continues to study for her exams (I really dont know how she does it - works stupid long hours at her veterinary clinic job, studies every evening for 3 hours, tends to the cats and dog, gets to bed late, gets up early... rinse and repeat).  She worries like crazy about the exams, they're getting harder and harder.  But she will do well - she always does. 

At EA, we continue to reorganize, a state we seem to have been in for the past year in my part of the business.  The work is great - leading edge freemium game development for mobile and social games - a great mixture of the business and the creative and I'm loving being responsible for two studios - EA Salt Lake and EA North Carolina (even though its on the other side of the Country and I spend a week there each month).  Overall the organization above me has been in turmoil, but signs are that the new leadership is strong and we finally have a solid focus.  It means further cancellations at my studios, which I have to manage very carefully and try to keep my people seeing the glass as half full.