2012 - February

I don't know how many times my monthly summaries reference the busy pace of life we seem to have, but it doesn't seem to slow down!  For Elaine and the twins, it was exams and studying.  For Sean, starting a new job.  For me, life at EA continued to be a frenzy of re-organization, and some more tense times around the potential of project cancellations and job losses.  Seems like a constant theme each year, and it's getting very tiring.

One big highlight this month that really helped solidify not only my studios, but also my own standing within the company, was the launch of my first mobile phone game - Monopoly Hotels.  A gamble in many ways for EA and for Hasbro, it is a free game - yes! Free to play.  Players can pay money (called micro-transactions) to get faster advancement in the game, but we expect that 99% of our players wont ever pay us a dime.  That said, those who do pay (in theory) pay us enough to justify the costs.  The game is also new in that it's a live service - eg we update the game every week with new features, to keep players engaged.  On its opening weekend, it became the #1 game globally on iPhones and iPads.  The work I have been doing for the past year, the gamble the company has been making, had a great start.  We're now officially at the forefront of a revolution in our industry.  It's exciting, and risky as hell!  And I'm travelling more than ever!