UDEN Trade Mission POLL

UDEN is proposing to attend a number of trade conferences in 2018 on behalf of our community.


  • Put Utah digital entertainment on the map!  Let the world (outside the state!) know that we have a vibrant community of creators of digital content and technology; and
  • Business development -- share details of the services offered by UDEN member companies and individuals 

How it would work:

  • UDEN would book space as an exhibitor at a number of digital entertainment trade events around the world in 2018;
  • A UDEN officer would staff the exhibit booth;
  • UDEN members that wish their business or service to be featured and promoted at the exhibit booth would pay a small contribution towards the cost of the trade mission;
  • The booth would exhibit video showreels for participating UDEN members of their work and feature logos;
  • A catalog listing UDEN members, their services, skills and contact details would be handed out from the booth;
  • Questions about UDEN members and Utah digital entertainment would be answered by the UDEN officer

We need your feedback!

Please help us to decide how best to implement this initiative by answering this simple poll:

Choose YES if you agree that UDEN should undertake trade events on behalf of the community, NO if you disagree
Please let us know which trade events you feel would be most beneficial for UDEN to be an exhibitor at. Type as many as you feel might be appropriate.
Participation *
Please indicate which of the following might be of interest to you; these would be per trade event (we are not asking for your commitment at this stage):

Obviously the actual costs will vary by trade event, so the prices listed above may change.

Thank you!