Hello! I offer app development, game production and management services on a contract basis.  

Contact me for my availability!

  • Maybe you want an experienced VP/GM/Executive Producer to oversee a complex game or app project for you?
  • Perhaps you have a critical project that is in trouble and you need an objective troubleshooter & problem solver to help get it back on track?
  • Need help taking your IP or brand into the gaming space?
  • Someone that can review your project at critical stages and give feedback?
  • Advice on how to structure & build your new team?
  • Help defining a game development process?
  • Maybe you have a new product & need software designed and developed for it?

Ping me - I can help. Troubleshooting, development, design, project management, process, planning, logistics, team building, deployment. Anywhere.  I can manage whichever piece of the pie you need help with - from contract negotiations, design review, milestone definitions, budgeting, scheduling etc, right through each stage of production to launch.  Even into live operations for mobile.

Check out below, this site and my LinkedIn profile for more details about my experience! The only things you won't find here are current projects and other work covered by client NDA.

I have been fortunate to have been making digital entertainment for more than twenty-five years, building teams and studios, designing games, managing products "hands-on" from initial concept through funding, development and live operation. I recently started up my own businesses, prior to which I spent almost 10 years at the World's #1 videogame company, Electronic Arts; I was a VP in the mobile group, General Manager of their Salt Lake and Raleigh/Durham development & production studios, and Executive Producer of many hit games for EA and EA SPORTS.

As a practicing game development executive, I make my expertise and experience available on a consulting basis too - I'm an expert trouble-shooter of software products, an expert in game development process and practice, team building and management, design, brands wanting a digital strategy and more.  

If you need some help in any of these areas, please do get in contact.

The rest of this site details my career, projects I have worked on, random thoughts and more as I get time!


                                       - Jon Dean